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Collect coins, avoid barriers and race to the top of the leader board to be the ultimate Super Hero Winner!

This is a game was developed for mobile using Unity-3D. The main motivation was to create a game that makes you feel good, all through the game you receive vocal encouragement and at the end of each race you are told you are a Super Hero Winner. You may have had a big day at the office but you can always kick back, play the game and feel like a winner.

All 3D vehicles, objects and background scenery in the game were created in Blender-3D a powerful 3D program. The textures where proceduraly generated, many on HTML5 canvas using Javascript.

The UI (User Interface) elements were kept as simple as possible and connect to an external web database so that users across the world can compete for the top ranking.

The game has in-app purchases and advertising each 7 plays, as we were experimenting with monetisation within the Unity-3D framework and the Google Play Store

Although this game has not had many downloads, it is something we are very proud of and enjoy playing...even after hundreds (over 1700!) of test plays during development!

Super Hero Winner One

Super Hero Winner Two

Super Hero Winner Three

Super Hero Winner Four

Super Hero Winner Five